Tempered Glass Cutting Board 15.4 x 11.22in Sublimation Blanks - 12pcs

Size: 390x285x4mm
# of Pieces: 12pcs
Sale price$114.00


This cutting board is crafted from tempered glass, which is durable, break-resistant, stain-resistant, and won't absorb odors. With the dye sublimation transfer process, you can print high quality digital images on a huge variety of items made of any material that is treated, polymer coated, or made of polyester. The imprinting is accomplished using a printer, special sublimation inks, paper, and a heat press.


  • Product Size: 390mm x 285mm x 4mm (15.4" x 11.22" x 0.16")
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Material: Tempered Glass
  • Weight: 17kgs (37.4lbs)
  • Quantity: 12pcs

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