8-in-1 Heat Press Machine Sublimation Printing

Sale price$422.40


This 8-in-1 heat press machine can be used for T-shirts, caps, ceramic plates, ceramic tiles, mugs, coasters, mouse pads, jigsaw puzzles, lettering, and other miscellaneous fabrics and materials. It can transfer colorful pictures and characters of sublimating and dissolved printing ink onto ceramics, glasses, and textiles such as cotton, flax, chemical fiber, nylon, etc. This all-in-one press includes a flat platen, mugs, and plates.

The swing-away heat press boasts all of the must-have attachments. It has a built-in Teflon coated 12" x 15" (38x30cm) heat platen with a full range of heating coils to allow for consistency throughout its surface. The digital timer control is adjustable up to 999 seconds. The device has a digital temperature gauge with a range of 0 to 250°C (approximately 430°F).





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